1. In-Game Name: Archester

2. Discord Username (MUST have Discord): Archester

3. Country and Time Zone: US, EST

4. What languages do you speak? English is main, and only for now

5. Age: 16

6. How long have you been playing Minecraft? 7 years

7. How long have you played on DandyMC? maybe a year or something like that

8. Have you received any punishments on DandyMC? If so, explain: i cant remeber what they were but they were small it was a long time ago when i was first joining but after being staff for most of the time there wasnt anything bad to be done so ya

9. Have you been staff on other servers? Nope, i like dandy better, i thought about it but, DandyMc is my home

10. If you have plugin managing experience, please explain: Not really

11. Why do you want to be staff on THIS server, as opposed to other servers? Because i have been on Dandy longer than any other, Dandy is my home and family. And i miss being a Moderator, i love helping out everyone with anything they need and any problems that come along. I love socializing with the crowd (good people everywhere). And I am hoping to eventually work my way back up to where i was and excel past to a higher rank of staff. I Mostly want to come back though because i like being on top of things, anytime there is a problem i see i dont like only being able to report it, i wanna do something about it and make things better than before. I miss being on dandy, it's "My favorite server on the Citadel" as you caught me saying. I have basically been here on dandy since before it began because i was friends with gort from another server before he made dandy, and one of the "Founding Fathers" of DandyMC. I have a whole bunch of fond memories living in Dandy and i hope to make many many more in the future as i bring myself back up in the ranks and gather back what i have put behind me.

12. What makes you a good choice as a staff member? I love Dandy, am committed to it, and have been one of the longest playing players of dandy, i know every bit of this server from start to now i watched it go through most all of it's life and i am looking forward to being here from here on out

13. Have you written over 200 words for questions 11 and 12 combined? (This must be a YES!) For sure