Many people ask how they can be a part of the build team, and I've put this together to answer everything I can about that.

The build team is an exclusive team of people, who have extended trust with build permissions because they have proven that their vision and skills are a match for Dandy, and that they can be completely trusted to not make a mess of things. The build team works together on large-scale public builds, such as lobbies, spawns, and arenas, and because of this, the expectations are extremely high.

Can you join the build team? No. Well, yes, but it's not easy. Build team members are chosen by proven build skills. This means builders must build stuff to show what they can do FIRST! Do not ask anyone if you can join the team. Builders will be chosen if their submissions show what we need to see. You may use /creative to make your builds. If you would like to prove your skills, create an arena map for a minigame, and if it's good enough, we will reward you with a key, and possibly ask you to join the team.

Arena Map Qualifications:

If you have further questions, you may reply here or contact Squeak_Life (Build Team Lead) in game or on Discord.